Financial Assistance from behind the Pharmacy Counter

Network Pharmacists enjoy a comprehensive solution for addressing non-adherence. Medmonk improves treatment outcomes by promoting access to high-cost chronic therapy.


People Service more patients

One of the top reasons for non-adherence is patients' inability to afford the out-of-pocket cost. Medmonk enables Network Pharmacists serve patients who demonstrate financial hardship.

Happy Increase revenues

Servicing patients who cannot afford their medications and do not qualify for hardship programs can result in a 25% to 30% increase in specialty pharmacy revenue.


Money Reduce costs

Medmonk eliminates bad debt and co-pay write-offs. The gains can be significant given that approximately 30% of specialty pharmacy patients use such programs.

Analytics Instant analytics and insights

You get a clear view into usage, impact, and seven other key performance metrics, along with actionable insights that keep you and your patients informed.


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Adherence and the Pharmacist


Pharmacists’ proven impact on adherence

A recent study at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center found that rates of adherence increased from 61.2% to 96.9% when patients were provided enhanced pharmacy care (standardized medication education, regular follow-ups and medications dispensed in time-specific packs).

The study concluded “Pharmacist intervention led to increases in medication adherence and clinically meaningful improvements in outcomes, whereas discontinuation of the program was associated with decreased medication adherence and persistence.”

Source: Roebuck MC, Liberman JN, Gemmill-Toyama M, Brennan TA. Medication adherence leads to lower health care use and costs despite increased drug spending. Health Affairs (Millwood). January 2011.

Barriers to Adherence

Top reasons cited by patients for not filling their prescriptions


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